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Adminstrative Control Board April 13, 2023

PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given pursuant to Utah Code §52-4-202, that the Administrative Control Board (the “Board”) of the North Summit Fire District (the “District”) will hold a special work session and meeting on Thursday, April 13, 2023, beginning at 6:00PM at the Summit County Courthouse, Executive Conference Room (2nd Floor), 60 N. Main St., Coalville, UT 84017



1.    Call meeting to order


2.    Roll call


3.    Pledge of Allegiance


4.    Closed session in compliance with Utah Code §52-4-205(1) as needed, to discuss:

a.    Purchase, exchange, or lease of real property

b.    Pending or reasonably imminent litigation

c.    Personnel – to discuss the character, competence, or physical or mental health of an individual


5.    Reconvene in Open Meeting


6.    Work Session


a.    Discussion of the Impact Fee Analysis (IFA) (Ben Nielson)


b.    Discussion of the changes to the Open and Public Meetings Act and requirement for the district to adopt rules of order for meetings. (Tyler Rowser & Ryan Stack)


c.    Chief’s Report. Discussion of current operational status. (Ben Nielson)


7.    Consideration of Approval


a.    Election of District Treasurer


b.    Appoint signers to the Zions Bank Checking Account and Public Treasurers Investment Fund


c.    Discussion and possible scheduling of a special meeting for the impact fee analysis public hearing.


d.    Review and possible approval of Accounts Payable. (Tyler Rowser)


e.    Review and possible approval of the meeting minutes of; March 9, 2023


8.    Board Comments.


9.     Adjourn.

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